Day 10 and the after

With all of the holiday brew ha ha I completely forgot to post about my final day. It was pretty uneventful. I ate a spinach and cheese omelette for breakfast. 

C wasn’t feeling well so meh didn’t eat today. I’m pretty sure I ate leftovers for lunch and for dinner I made spinach with cream cheese and lemon juice with a blue cheese and butter sweet potato. It was a pretty light weight and really inexpensive day.  

So here is the big question: did I get anything out of this and was it all worth it?  I think it was. It’s hard with the holidays but I think I am going to try to maintain a similar but less strict diet one December is over. It made me feel better. I’m not sure if it was the control I had over my diet or the fact that I cut out m sugar and processed flour, but I definitely had a happier prospective on life.

I also feel like it was too easy of a challenge. I think once one of us is back to work and we aren’t worrying about money as much I will do a much stricter cleanse. Something that makes me feel like I am actually sacrificing. We will see. 

As for me I would say this was a complete success!  

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