Happy new year

It’s a new year. 2015 was a bit manic depressive for us. We had extreme highs and extreme lows. We bought the farm (lol), almost lost a job, grew our garden, transplanted bees, dug a hole, lost a job, had almost no Christmas, almost lost the car, and then 2016 hit. 

Two days before the new year C got the call that we have been waiting for. He has been hired on at Ford. This will be a major part of us completing our five year plan. We have also been gifted some help with building the house. These two together should ensure our ability to complete the house this year. During the coming month we will be submitting the building plans and potentially laying the gravel for the driveway. When we get our tax return we will be putting in a well and laying the foundation. Be prepared for many posts to come. 

Aside from building the house we also want to get the farm in the black. It won’t take much since we really don’t spend much money on it to begin with. In the spring we will be buying 50-75 chickens (25-50 will be to sell). 

I want to be blogging more this year, back to what I was a few months ago when things were going well. We also want to finish paying off all of our major debt (besides the current car payment). It’s only about $5000 so it shouldn’t be too hard to do. 

Lastly I am doing the traditional “I need to get into shape” resolution. I am substitute teaching at my son’s school.  I had to take a physical to be hired and discovered I was a full 40lbs over what I thought I weighed. My goal weight is to lose 60lbs, I need to lose at least 50 this year. I’m thinking about getting a Fitbit. My mom had one and really likes it. Maybe in a few months. 

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