Busy days ahead

We have only a few short days before C goes back to work full time. We are so excited for him to be starting, but we also have so much that needs to be done before he does. 

Today we left out at 10am and didn’t return until after 4. We are still waiting on the dozer to be delivered so we can put in the driveway but in the meantime we picked up all the culverts we will need so there will be proper drainage in the driveway. We also priced out everything we are going to need in order to put the plumbing, electric, and gas line (to the stove), and all the accessories ton pour the concrete. All of this is going to be done *hopefully* by the end of February. Next month we start pricing out the projects for March. In March the well is being drilled and a small solar panel system is going in (large enough to run the water pump). 

We will start packing tires in March. Start marking your calendars too. We will do a cattle call for an “old fashion barn raising” sometime in March (date depends on when the concrete is poured) to get as many hands on deck as we can to get these tires pounded out. We figured out that if we do 12 a day we can get it done in 3 months. If we can do more than that we can finish so much sooner. 

Lastly we signed and had noterized the contract FINALLY making the land officially ours. That felt good. Even though we didn’t have a dozer we still were able to cross a lot of stuff off our list. Whew!  

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