Our driveway is still frozen. Unfortunately the one truck that can currently get water in and out cannot go up and down the driveway yet.  C and I decided to try and get the water collection bucket moved and set up. It wasn’t quite as difficult to move the water barrel as I had thought it would be. First we pushed it to its side, then we rolled it across the field and into place. Then w stood it back up and centered it. 

 “Do you want to build a snowman… That’s bigger than you?” 

  We still need to put a filter on it so that leaves and other undesirables get in the water (so it doesn’t clog the barrel, we have a filter in the house too). 

The snow is now melting and so far we have collected less than an inch of water. Hopefully we can go get water in the next few days because this isn’t gonna cut it. Not until we get a really good rain. 

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