We can officially build

We have obtained the building permit!  We slaved over these plans. We stressed. We worked until they were PERFECT.  We went into planning and zoning completely anticipating they would make us go back and get an architect to sign off on them, which basically would have been someone singing off on what an engineer had … Continue reading We can officially build


One more permitĀ 

We called the transportation department today. They came out and looked at the property and approved the placement of the driveway. We should be expecting our curb cut permit (driveway permit) to be mailed to us within the week. They said we can go ahead and start working on it though. Pretty exciting stuff!!!  

The Plans

Next week we are submitting our building plans.  Do you know what this means?    We printed out the building plans!!   $50 later we had gigantic copies of our plans. C is a genius. That are so beautifully done. Hopefully we can get them approved the first time around.