To the person who called CPS

That’s right. We had the dreaded meeting with CPS today to defend our parenting. The complaint? Our “severely malnourished baby”, our “dirt house” that we are building and forcing our children to live in, and our favorite our “organic lifestyle”.  Instead of getting angry I have decided to write a letter. 

Dear person who called CPS,

I have several things to address with you.

1. I forgive you.  I knew this would happen one day and had been preparing for it. Truthfully I thought the complaint would be about the cabin we are living in that had cistern water and a wood burning stove for heat, but whatever.  Although now that I say this I am waiting for that call to come next, but just so you know when we have our home visit I am addressing those issues with her to nip that in the bud before it happens. 

2. You are a coward. Instead of coming to me with your issues you chose to do so anonymously and involve the state. If you had come to me directly I would have produced a Drs note (as I have in the past) addressing the fact that he is fine. In fact, here is a current picture of our malnourished baby


And I would have gladly gone over the house plans to ease any concerns you may have. 

3) we are also fully aware that we will have to deal with CPS many times to come. Why? Because people are afraid of off the grid living, but our 2,000+ square foot home that we will owe nothing on after 5 years will most likely impress the hell out of CPS and the joke will be on you. 

4) I want to thank you for reminding me that I’m a damn good mother. With all the stress of Cs new job I had forgotten this fact. I have great kids who are really happy and independent yet still mostly listen to me when I need them to. 

So as I sit here at the library, because it’s Monday and that’s library day, planning out what kind of tacos to have for taco Tuesday and getting ready to message my son’s new music teacher about his ukele lessons I feel sorry for you that you felt that my children were in such danger that you had to contact CPS. shame on you and good day. Also, an apology would be nice. 

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