The greenhouse

We had to make some major modifications to the greenhouse. After having a few storms come through we got really frustrated with the greenhouse blowing into the side of the house, crushing the plants, and cracking the wood base. 

After about 2 weeks we went out and got some heavier pieces of wood to use as the base, we replaced a good chunk of plastic, and screwed it into stakes we drove into the ground. It holds up pretty well now. 

 Our spring plants have really taken off. Most already have their second set of leaves and some are growing their third. We also planted tomatoes two weeks ago that are just now sprouting. This weekend we plan on planting rest of the summer plants that have to be started indoors. We are pretty excited about our plants this year. This will hopefully be the first year we don’t have to rebuy plants that ended up dying.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one!  


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