It’s been way too long since I have posted. Everything is at a standstill.  We finally have the garden plots plowed but we haven’t tilled them yet. First someone stole our tiller. Then we were able to borrow our friends tiller but it hasn’t stopped raining long enough formthenground to be dry enough to till. Nothing is in the ground but asparagus, lettuce, and spinach. The asparagus has been a constant battle because there is a very large raccoon that continues to dig it up every night. 

Then there is the house. Once again the rain is an issue but aside from that we have been waiting a month and a half for an excavator to be delivered. I am calling today to get quotes from other people to see if it is worth it just to get it from someone else. We have to figure out which one is a limiting factor, money or time. It’s very irritating. 

Next is the chickens. We are currently down to seven. We lost half of them in the hail storm a few weeks ago. I wasn’t home when it happened and by the time I got home half of them had died. Then one night a raccoon got four of them and we have had 2-3 die randomly. Which leaves us with 7. They are doing well though. We out the dogs out every night to protect them and try are actually doing their job. That’s nice.

Lastly the bees. The bees are the best part. We made the mistake of leaving the feeder on top of the hive for the first week. They pulled comb in that instead of the actual hive. We pulled that out and put some of it in the hive. They didn’t like that so they left. We saw them leave so C fixed the hive so it was better for them, put on his bee suit, went back and collected them, and put them back in the hive.  They are now extremely happy. They are laying brood and have pulled at least 4 frames in the first brood box. We are happy, the are happy, so at least we feel that one thing is successful. 

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