On to the next thing

It is done. After a year of talking about doing it the concrete is done. We had a dry week, fantastic weather, and plenty of amazing, awesome, beyond fantastic friends to help. We paid them in pizza and beer. At 8:30am I called the concrete people to give the go ahead to deliver it at 10am, then called C to freak out about it actually happening. Almost everyone was there at 9am prepping for the concrete. Then the concrete trucks arrived. 
We all stood around with our rakes waiting for it to come shooting out. Then it was on! 

We had originally ordered 3 trucks (24 cubic yards) of concrete but after the second we realized we were going to need one more truck, making the grand total 32 cubic yards. That cut a little into our budget and I wasn’t pleased about it, but it had to be done. So be it. 

We finally figured out on the fourth truck that we could have him pull around the back to fill the back area better. That made it a lot easier. I wish we had thought of that on the second truck. 

We started screeding the concrete before all of the trucks had finished pouring but there was such a long wait before the last two trucks that the concrete started to dry too fast. I didn’t get a picture of the final product yet but the top isn’t as pretty as we were hoping. Pretty or not it is still a usable floor. After we finish the outer structure and put in the walls we will finish the floors with Portland cement and sand mix to make it nice and smooth and pretty like we wanted. Regardless of how it looks like now I am thrilled. I am beyond thrilled. We have a floor. We can finally start pounding tires. But first we take a break. In the next week or two I will be announcing plans for starting on tires. Stay tuned!!!  

It’s ready 

The hole is ready for Concrete. We leveled the gravel as best we could. We put down 6mil plastic and these giant sheets of metal. It took us 2 days because we originally didn’t buy enough plastic. By the time we finished we were orange from the rust on the metal sheets and tired. So tired. But….We meet with the concrete sales guy today to discuss ordering the concrete. I’m a little nervous. Ok. I’m  a LOT nervous. 

It’s growing!!

Almost everything in the garden is growing very well.  Her are pictures of everything. 


Spaghetti squash 

Peanuts. We have lots of peanuts. We were afraid we wouldn’t have any!!

The onions look very happy. 

And so do the potatoes. 

Finally we have sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to get the other garden planted. We are so behind on that one. However, we have done a lot on the house so…. More on that tomorrow!!!

Friends are great!

I was so excited about the gravel the other day that I forgot to mention the other best part of that day. One of my best friends came out to help us get the ground level. It was so nice to have another person there. We pushed eachother, we encouraged eachother, we got to take breaks together, and she reminded me that other people are watching us from the sidelines and are really interested in what we are doing. I forget that a lot. I also reminded her that we are out here almost everyday (as long as it isn’t raining) doing some sort of work. We won’t turn down help!  It was also nice to have her daughter there to entertain the kids!  

So close to concrete

We worked for about 10 hours yesterday and another 4 hours today. We were able to re-level all of the sewage and grey water pipe and fill in gravel around and on top of it. We still have to make sure the gravel is mostly level, fix some of the broken boards for the concrete form (whoops!!), put in the gas line to the stove, and lay the conduit. We are *hoping* to get that all done next Tuesday and Wednesday. It looks like pouring concrete will probably have to wait until the following week only because we would have to BUST BUTT to get everything done in time. That’s ok though. At least we are getting closer. Pretty soon our next step will have to be concrete. It’s a bit intimidating, and a little scary.