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It is done. After a year of talking about doing it the concrete is done. We had a dry week, fantastic weather, and plenty of amazing, awesome, beyond fantastic friends to help. We paid them in pizza and beer. At 8:30am I called the concrete people to give the go ahead to deliver it at 10am, then called C to freak out about it actually happening. Almost everyone was there at 9am prepping for the concrete. Then the concrete trucks arrived. 
We all stood around with our rakes waiting for it to come shooting out. Then it was on! 

We had originally ordered 3 trucks (24 cubic yards) of concrete but after the second we realized we were going to need one more truck, making the grand total 32 cubic yards. That cut a little into our budget and I wasn’t pleased about it, but it had to be done. So be it. 

We finally figured out on the fourth truck that we could have him pull around the back to fill the back area better. That made it a lot easier. I wish we had thought of that on the second truck. 

We started screeding the concrete before all of the trucks had finished pouring but there was such a long wait before the last two trucks that the concrete started to dry too fast. I didn’t get a picture of the final product yet but the top isn’t as pretty as we were hoping. Pretty or not it is still a usable floor. After we finish the outer structure and put in the walls we will finish the floors with Portland cement and sand mix to make it nice and smooth and pretty like we wanted. Regardless of how it looks like now I am thrilled. I am beyond thrilled. We have a floor. We can finally start pounding tires. But first we take a break. In the next week or two I will be announcing plans for starting on tires. Stay tuned!!!  

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2 thoughts on “On to the next thing

  1. That is amazing!! Yayyy!!!! *blows on noisemaker and sprinkles streamers* Congratulations on this historic and impressive milestone in your goals that you’ve been working so hard towards. You are definitely an inspiration and an encouragement to the rest of us out there toiling away on our dreams. Keep plugging away, you deserve the independent lifestyle you dream of, and we are all cheering for you.

  2. Nicely done! You set scary goals for yourself, but it all seems to be progressing well. You seem to have figured out the concrete pour by the end, luckily you didnt need a pump truck with all of those big guys around.

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