Getting there!

Almost half of the outside where the tires go is level and ready. We have about another week of this before we start pounding dirt into tires!  I have to admit I’m a bit nervous. This is one of those “close you eyes and just jump in” moments. Once we start the tires we really have a goal of being complete in 3 months. I have a strong feeling that won’t happen but I am really hoping it does. I think if we work diligently on our days off and I lost people’s help we can do it. 

This past week we have focused on getting dirt moved around and leveled on that first like 1/3 of the house section. We also bought a thing that pounds dirt so that we won’t have as much of the sinking issue that we did with the concrete. I also made drainage ditches for the standing water that was around the other side of the house. That portion should actually dry out some now. 

I have also started collecting tires. So far we have almost 50. Another 850 to go!  

We haven’t pinned down a date but it looks like probably by the 15th of August we will have started in on this next round of the house.

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