Are you ready?  We might be…

We got the backhoe today and got everything done that we wanted to do!  We leveled the area around the concrete, dug the very large hike where the septic will be, and dug the grey water area. All in all it took us about 12 hours of hard labor to get it done. We cleaned up and treated the kids to pizza afterwards because they were… Mildly good. They didn’t kill eachother, which we were happy about. 

So now for the HUGE news!! 

We are starting the tires!!  Which means that we need as much help As we can get!! So now is the time to hit me up, pick a date, grab a tent, Shovel, wheelbarrow, sledgehammer, whatever you got and come on down!!  C and I are hoping to plan at least one “barn raising” event to try and get as much done in one weekend as we can. 

See you soon!! 

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One thought on “Are you ready?  We might be…

  1. Arrrg! Why did I have to pick THIS week to sprain my ankle! I’m super bummed that I have to be off it for a while, especially bc of this. Do keep us updated and if there is any other way to help that doesn’t involve physical labor, maybe I can pitch in.

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