My blisters have blisters

We have been working on tires for 11 days now. We have 31 finished. It’s getting better and a lot easier to do them. I have gone from filling 2 an hour to almost 4, and that’s without any help. I am trying to go out first thing in the morning and working until about 11. Then I take a break until about 6pm. My hope is to be able to complete 12 tires a day doing this. 

The weird thing is that today, the 11th day, I got 4 blisters. I must have done something differently. They hurt like heck and hopefully won’t keep me from working tomorrow. C is getting me some gloves this week. That should help a lot. 

I am also getting very muscular. I asked C if he wanted tickets to my gun show. He was not as impressed with my joke as I was. I still think it’s funny. 

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