A review so far

I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I thought it was boring to keep writing “we pounded tires today”, “we pounded more tires today” and “today we pounded yet some more tires”. The six tires a day thing has been workin fairly well except that it rained all last week and our only 4 wheel drive vehicle has been mostly out of commission. We were still able to keep from being too far behind. There was only one day where we didn’t do any. It’s completely possible for us to catch up. I however have hit a complete brick wall (or tire wall hahaha). I hurt everywhere. I am beyond tired. We had a lot of hope in the beginning that we would have some help, which doesn’t look to be the case. We have had one or two come out so far which was nice but I am not expecting anyone to come out. This isn’t their project, it’s ours. Nobody else has an investment in this but us. Someday this project will be complete and someday we will be living their but until then I am going to be tired, sore, And I’ll probably spend some time crying in the shower. 

On a good note we have started in the fourth level of tires. This is officially the last easy layer (easy ha!!!). It’s really starting to come together and look like it will be a house. It’s giving me some motivation to watch it go up like this.