I’ve been having a pretty rough time these past few days. Winter is upon us, meaning so is cold and sickness. Either C or I have been sick since being home from the funeral. It’s freezing cold. This morning it snowed. I don’t feel like doing anything. Not being productive, not being out to the house in over a week, has given me the blues. 

Last night C took the kids to bed early (because he wasn’t feeling well) and I had the downstairs to myself from about 5pm-whenever I wanted to go to bed, which ended up being about 10. I finally got around to putting the laundry away, washing the dishes, and cleaning the living room (which had become covered in a thin layer of children’s toys). I do have to say that I feel better. I don’t feel so on edge. I also made the decision that if it was going to be above freezing and not raining or snowing that I was going to be out working on the house. Today will not be that day because it’s not supposed to get above 32. Tomorrow and the rest of the week should be fine though. Hopefully I can get at least 1-2 done each day. I really do not want to spend another winter here. 

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