Conquer fear with love

It’s Christmas so I went to church. It’s been a few months since I have been, mainly because Sunday mornings are one of the only times I have to work on the house without the kids. Now that it’s too cold to go out I decided to go back for a bit. I’m glad I went, although I usually am. 

I have really been struggling lately with the frustration I have for other people. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an just prone to this frustration or if the heavy political atmosphere this year has led to it, probably it’s a bit of both. Either way I am finding it very hard to love other people who don’t see the world the way that I do.  I especially get frustrated with business owners who put the bottom line of the business above the love of their employees and clients. I tend to cut people off instead of loving them through what I view as a major flaw. 

Thanks to the sermon today I had an epiphany that I’m afraid. I am afraid to love people I don’t agree with. I am also afraid to tell the people I love that I disagree with them. Hate is so much easier than love. It’s so easy to say “I don’t agree with you so I’m done doing business with you”. Now don’t get me wrong, I think when you are talking about big business it’s the only way to get your point across and fully promote boycotting a business.  I am talking about small business. Business in the community where you know the owner. That’s what I’m talking about.

I surround myself with people who are like me and push away those who are not. Instead what I should be doing is loving them anyway. People who love and respect you are more likely to listen to you, even if they don’t agree, than people you just preach to. So instead of pushing people away I am going to try and have my “Time filled with loving actions”, even if those loving actions involve me saying “I love you but I don’t agree with xyz” and treating people the way I want to be treated, or how I expect people should be treated.  The best I can be is an example. 

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One thought on “Conquer fear with love

  1. Wow. I can totally relate to all of this. Like you, I’ve been more inclined to just stay away. Although, mine isn’t really about differing beliefs, (well, maybe about 1/4 of it is) but it’s about other hurts. With those, though, I also don’t really speak my mind on much going on because as you said, it’s easier to just say you don’t agree and walk away. This will be something for me to work on in the days to come. Thanks for the post!

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