Snowed in

It snowed on Thursday. It snowed a pretty good amount. Probably 6-8 inches, which doesn’t seem like much except that when you live high on a hill with a mile long gravel driveway there is no getting out without 4 wheel drive. Thankfully we have one usable vehicle. A vehicle which C needs to use to get to work Friday- Monday. Which means that I am snowed in with 2 kids. 

We did not run to the grocery store on Wednesday, although in hind sight we should have stopped by the bank. When We sat down to figure out how we could make it until Sunday (the first day we had available to go grocery shopping) without having to do an emergency shopping trip we discovered we could actually go at least a week without needing anything. That was a pretty cool feeling, especially since we typically only spend 100 a week on groceries. The ultimate goal is to not have to worry about food for months. 

The worst part about being snowed in was the water situation. We did not think to fill the water tank before the temperature dropped. Saturday night the water ran out. It took us 12 hours to get the water pipes thawed and the water in the jug thawed (we also forgot to hook up the water heater). We finally got the water flowing again and the water pump in the house to catch.  Much cheering commenced!  We turned on the water and it flowed… And then stopped. Both of our water filters were clogged. Now we cannot use the water until C picks up new filters on his way home from work tomorrow. It’s a good thing I had milk to give the kids it’s been a long day. 

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