Steps toward progress

Two important things happened this week. The first is, despite all the rain, we bought 2 pallets of 60lb bags of concrete. These will be used to reinforce the tires that we had to fix and will be used to frame up the front door and possibly the framing for the greenhouse (although we may have a truck come out and pour that for us). 

My plan is to have the tires stabilized enough for me to start filling tires by the end of this week. 
The second piece of news is that we have decided to hire 3 guys from C’s work to come out every few weeks (for a total of about 6 days in all) to get at least 1 layer of tires up per day. We should be only 11-12 layers away from being done. With this we should have the tires done by mid May at the latest. It cuts into our budget but it’s totally worth it. 

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