Closer and closer

We are about a week away from backfilling and starting the loft. A few days ago we put up the water barrier around the outside of the tires.  We still need to put in the concrete pillar that will the one edge of where the front door will be, and I need to put in another two rows of tires. It’s really exciting. We haven’t had this kind of energy since we did the concrete pad. 10-12 tires a day feels like nothing. Three months ago we could hardly do 8 in a day. 

Once we put up the loft we will need to add another 6 rows of tires and the walls will be up!  That to me is exciting. We can’t do it alone though. Hopefully we can talk the guys into coming out to do one more round of tires. They hate doing the tires though. Two have already quit. If we can get another 3 people out for 2 days we can get 2-3 rows done in one shot. We are so close yet still so far away. My hope is to be able to finish the tires by mid May without spending too much money. 

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2 thoughts on “Closer and closer

  1. OOOhhh!! Congrats! How exciting! Me and David just bought a house, so we’ve been kinda off the grid lately trying to deal with that, and my next books launch April 28th. But if you organize something in May (which is after the book launch), I will try my best to come out and help! Just give me a heads up on the date.

    • I have found it’s really hard to actually organize something. However, we tell everyone now that unless it is raining we will be at the farm every Wednesday and Thursday. Any Wednesday or Thursday you want to stop by just give me a heads up!

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