The loft has been started 

As the tires are almost finished for the first level we have purchased the wood for the walls and the loft. There is still much to be done before the loft can be errected, however walls can go up!  

The arrival of the wood was nothing short of a mess, as these things typically are for us. So far we have had four gravel trucks and four concrete trucks down to the end of our driveway to unload their goods that we have paid for. The lumber guy refused to bring his truck down the driveway (it was a flatbed that was in between a large truck and a small semi, it was not larger than a gravel truck or a concrete truck).  He proceeded to load the lumber onto his forklift and bring the 2x12x16 beams down the length of the driveway. Needless to say they got caught on a bush and almost fell off. He decided that was a bad idea so he left the rest of the lumber midway down the driveway for us to carry the rest of the way. I was less than pleased. 

After that fiasco and having to go out to the store to pick up things we had forgotten (like nails and such), and back to the house for our giant compound miter saw, we were able to put up some walls. This was very exciting, and surprisingly didn’t take very long. Another day out there and we should have all of the walls up.  Now if only we could finish the tires!

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