It’s like a comedy out here!

We cannot yet put in the septic because C still has to take a class to get the permit. However, we went ahead and picked it up so it would be on premesis when the permit is obtained. 

The story of A and C and the septic tank

We ordered the tank and about two weeks later it arrive. A week after that we finally have the time to go pick it up. We arrive at the store with our F250 and are led to the back for loading purposes. C, two young guys who work there, and I proceed to load the thing into the truck. After much pushing and pulling it is jammed into the truck with its butt hanging out. C buys a cheap strap and straps the back in. We slowly drive the 10 miles or so to the home site. Our idea was to push the tank out of the truck so it sits beside the partial hole we have started for it, so that when we can start to install it we can finish whe hole and slide it in. Great plan right?  I push from the back of the truck and C pulls and guides it. All is well until the tank slides off of the truck, bounces twice, and lands backward and sideways in to half dug whole. Meanwhile we are standing with our mouths wide open in disbelief.

I guess we will tackle this problem later. 

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