It’s been a long time. 

We took a short break after the mudslide. It was a fairly devastating time for us. After allowing ourselves to sulk we picked ourselves back up, made the executive decision to pay people to help, and put the wall back up. We had to dig out mud multiple times over multiple week until we could uncover all of the tires down to the second to bottom row. Then we started the rebuilding process, which involved shifting over 20 tires from a place of instability on the wall to the newly rebuilt section. We also added a layer of concrete to stabilize the bottom of the section that fell. Once the tires were rearranged we were finally able to start the rebuilding process. We had to manually unpack all of the tires that fell onto the concrete slab in order to get them back on the wall, then refill them. Last week we finally had the wall back up to the height it was before it fell. As of two days ago it was almost an entire level higher. We can oficially start putting the loft back up(although we want to pour a layer of concrete along the interior of the wall to create added stability). We are so close to being finished with the tires!!!  

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