The loft

We are almost finished putting up the loft. We finished putting the walls up, then put up all the beams for the loft that went on top of the walls. After that the floor joists between the walls went up. This is where we are currently. To get the support we needed for the joists to connect to the tire walls we cut plywood into 8x 11 1/2" strips and secured them to the walls in 3 layers of plywood. It looks really nice. We have 2 rooms left to put joists up, the bathroom and the laundry room. They should be easy. It's about 5 small joists each. Once those go up we are putting the subfloor down and the loft is done! Then we get to finish the tires…. yay. The day we finish the tires I'm opening a bottle of champagne. These pictures are from a few days ago when we first started the beams.

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