We almost have a second floor!

Sunday mornings are one of the few times we have available to work on the house. We went out for almost 4.5 hours today and worked out butts off!! We almost completely finished the floor joists. We have four more stabilizing pieces to put in the boy's room before we can start putting up the rest of the sub-flooring. We would have finished but we killed all five of our batteries for the power tools. They are currently charging up so we can finish Tuesday night.

We also met Darth Vader fly… it's actually a black horse fly, but I'd rather call it Darth Vader. As we were moving the last of the large beams we also upset the homes of both a large toad and a field mouse. We didn't get pictures of those though. I wish I had gotten a picture of the toad. It was really cool.

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One thought on “We almost have a second floor!

  1. Glad nobody got bit, those horse flies hurt like the dickens when they bite you. So excited for your house! Can’t wait to see it finished and celebrate all your hard work!

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