The loft is complete

We stayed out until 10 tonight finishing the loft. It looks amazing. I was able to get pictures of it when we were about 2/3 finished. By the time we were completely done it was way too dark out to get a good picture. I will take them tomorrow and include them in my post then.

We placed 17 boards today. These are the same boards that were placed on the first driveway (the one up a hill from the house) because the lowes guy didn't want to take them down to where we needed them, even though multiple three axel gravel trucks and several concrete trucks have had no problem. We first threw each board halfway down the hill (because it was too steep and riddled with very high weeds to carry them). Then we carried them to the tire wall and lifted them onto the wall in a giant stack. We are exhausted but so thrilled to finally be entering a time when things are going to move very quickly.

This is my favorite thing: the view from our bedroom. This is what we will looks at every day.

and finally a look into the girls' room from above.

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