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It doesn't seem like we have done very much today, especially after the extremely productive 2 days we have just had, but it was quite a busy day.

We started off this morning with gravel trucks bringing gravel for our driveway. We finally made the decision, after watching the weather apps on our phones tell us it's going to rain most of the week even though it hasn't, that soon the rainy season will be upon us and we should actually be prepared for it so that we don't have to put off working on the house, like last year.

As with most everything we do, this was quite the interesting endeavor resulting in C almost cursing out one of the drivers. The first driver was awesome. He didn't even voice concern about starting the gravel on a steep hill. He got it ready and up he went. It was beautiful. That is a driver with experience and confidence in his work. The second driver was terrible. All he had to do was finish the top of the hill (which was at a much lower incline than the first guy had to deal with) and take the truck around a curve and up another small hill. He first told us that he couldn't finish the hill at all and that he was just going to dump the gravel where it was. After a long heated conversation he dumped half of the gravel in a straight section then came back and sort of finished the rest, with about 5-10 foot bald sections in places. We were less than happy with him. At one point C told him to get the other driver to come back and drive his truck. I thought that was hilarious. The driver didn't think so. We left it as is and have hired a guy to come out with his tractor and grader box to straighten it out. I'm happy with that.

After messing with the driveway for almost 2 hours we finally got to work on the house. We decided that our goal is to have the concrete pillars and wall leveling poured next Thursday. Since we require a lot of concrete and my truck is still out of commission we are having a concrete truck come out. Today we were able to fill 5 of the remaining 11 tires still needed to complete the first floor section of the loft. We also put up the concrete form for half of the outer tire wall. We didn't finish the form because the rest includes the section that we use to get on and off the loft and the tires that aren't filled yet. We also planned out some of the concrete pillar that is going in. This will frame up the front door and hold up the tires above the front door. One of the fun/ isn't really "progress" things we did was plan out the upper bathroom and closet. That was pretty fun. We pretended we were showering in the bathroom and laying on the bed. The final thing we did was to completely cover the loft in heavy plastic and duct tape to keep water off of it. All in all we were out for almost 6 hours and we were TIRED. There is so much more to do before Thursday, but it's all completely possible! Oh! And as promised here are pictures of the completed loft. I forgot to take pictures this morning and ended up taking them while we were in the process of covering it in plastic.

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