So much done, so much yet to do

We were supposed to be pouring concrete this week but of course the forecast called for rain, and yet again it didn’t rain, go figure. We have all the forms up and ready but this allows us to prepare even more by filling in all the gaps with thick concrete on Sunday so we don’t have to worry about leaks when they pour in Tuesday. We also moved up some of our scheduled activities for next week. Today we took down some of the tires in the small section between the front door and the greenhouse. They were leaning back pretty badly and we wanted to do a controlled fall before it actually gave and took more of the wall with it. We only took down about 20 tires and they should be really easy to put back up. We will be packing the tires that are now exposed then putting the old tires back on them, packing those back up and repeating this process. We will also be adding a concrete layer every 2 feet to reinforce it. At the 9ft mark they will be above the framing for the door and will be joining the other layers of the second floor. Between now and the end of August we will be pouring the concrete, putting the tires back up, and getting all of the tires up to the height of the second floor. It’s a lot but completely doable!

Unfortunately I have no pictures today. I know you all love pictures. Next time I promise.

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