Progress, and stress, and progress

There is so much to do and it’s all getting done so fast. We are down to our last 200 tires (it’s actually less than that but I figure if I strive for 200 and finish early I will be so super happy). Yesterday it rained heavily in the morning so we scrapped working on the house. Instead we bought almost everything we need to finish the plumbing. We also have hired someone to finish installing our septic (he should be out the first week of November) and have a guy who will most likely be installing our roof. Since we have decided to change the initial design of the roof we haven’t decided what we want instead. We are putting together three roof designs that we like and will decide when he comes back to us with cost estimates. So far I think handing over the septic and the roof to professionals was the right choice.

Now to finish the tires.

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