It’s another tire like situation

We are currently waiting for the roof guy to start. He said mid-December. While we wait we have a list of stuff that can be done. The main thing being concreting the tires. The tires. The stupid stupid tires. Oh the things we would do differently if we could go back in time. We should be finishing concreting the tires this week. It looks good. There are places it looks like crap, but mostly it’s looking good. When it’s done we will go back and chisel away the parts that are off and mortar some parts to smooth it out better, but all in all it’s ok.

We are concreting in about 1-2 foot sections. Any more than that and the plywood starts to bow out.

We also leveled out the concrete along the greenhouse and installed the interior greenhouse window.

We had a visitor sometime after the leveling was done. The cat walked the entire length of the greenhouse wall. Just to prove that cats are assholes. Also, these are my favorite shoes. The yolks are kissy face emojis. I love to wear them with my chicken dress.

It took the help of my cousin B (who is amazing) but we were able to lift the greenhouse wall after only two tries.

We will be installing venting windows, plexiglass, and a door, but none of this goes in until after the roof goes up.

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