Last week, right before Christmas, we backfilled the rest of the first floor. Even though we had concreted the tires almost all the way up we were still very nervous that it would cause another cave in.

C did a great job running the backhoe.

Half of the first floor is now completely underground.

he flattened and partially graveled the spot where the water cisterns are going to go. We will have 2 1500 falling cisterns.

he also dug out the area for the battery house and straightened out the driveway. We got a lot done in 2 days. The best part: It rained for 2 days straight after we backfilled and the tires haven’t moved at all. We are pretty happy with those outcomes. Stay tuned for my next post on why we haven’t been productive since then. Spoiler alert: it has to do with the ABSOLUTE FRIGID TEMPERATES.

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