Happy Earth Day!

Today is one of my favorite holidays! It is Earth Day!! We will be spending our Earth Day trying to get as much of the roof up as possible. Our goal is to have the roofer start by May 7. At that point things should start moving pretty quickly. I will post updates on the house later this week. There are lots of cool pictures.

Instead I would like to spend today talking about the importance of living and protecting the earth. I know a lot of you out there either think that climate change isn’t real or that it’s progression isn’t affected by human involvement. First off climate change is real. I think very few of us can deny that we are currently seeing the effects of climate change. The most evident of those effects being the melting of the ice caps and the increase in drastic weather patterns. Now we can argue for days about whether these things are naturally occurring, human made, or a mixture of the two. Instead let me pose a question: climate change aside, our earth is definitely hurting from the amount of damage we inflict on it. So if a large meteor (large enough to possibly not break apart in the atmosphere) was headed for earth would you want to try to destroy it or would you sit back and accept your fate because it was a naturally occurring event? You would probably try to destroy it to save yourself. So why aren’t we doing this with the damage we are currently inflicting? If recycling, and using renewable energy sources, and decreasing our carbon footprint can help extend the time we have with the earth as it is currently wouldn’t you want to do it? Or are the consequences too distant for us to care?

We care. We want to live on a clean earth. One where islands of floating plastic don’t exist in our oceans. This is completely possible!

I am that person who will bring my own to go boxes to a restaurant, I carry my coffee mug with me everywhere “just in case”, I recycle everything I can, I compost, it’s become a game with myself to see how little trash I can produce. I’m not saying you should go to the extent that we are, but I do encourage you to change one thing that you do. In fact I challenge you to change one thing. Stop using straws, start recycling, start bringing your own mug when you buy drinks, whatever it is I challenge you to do it for the next 30 days, and tell me about it!! I want to hear what you are doing!! Let’s not wait until it is too late to fix.

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