Very exciting stuff

We are very close to having the roof finished. We have even set a date of May 7 to have the roof guy come and start installing the plywood and metal onto the roof. Last weekend we finished putting up almost half of the trusses. We got stuck on how the corner of the hip needs to be installed and apparently they never gave us the plans. We put a call into the place we bought them from and should have the plans this week so we can complete it.

This weekend we put in the rest of the 32′ beams that we can put up without building the rest of the wall. It looks amazing. We are so impressed with it. I want to move in tomorrow!! This is the first time we are really seeing it come together as a house.

The next two weekends will be spent building the last of the walls and installing the final trusses. It’s so amazing to be able to stand under our roof.

We are also getting really nervous because we are quickly running out of money. We figured out how much we need to finish the house and pay off the land so that we own it outright and it’s completely reasonable, now we need to get a bank to see it that way. I’m very nervous that the fact that we are building it ourselves will deter a bank from lending us money.

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3 thoughts on “Very exciting stuff

  1. Wohooo! You can do it! I hope the money situation is resolved, I will keep you all in my prayers. My dad is trying to build his own straw-bale house and is having the same problem with banks not wanting to lend him money. But with God, all things are possible! I think he has a great plan for you and your family, and even through the hardships he is refining and blessing you. Don’t get discouraged, you can do it!

    • We are hoping that they will be more willing to lend to us because the house is already almost complete. We have enough right now to get the house enclosed with electric. We need about $20,000 more to get it ready to move (insulation, drywall, appliances, a finished bathroom, and a partially finished kitchen). We would like to borrow enough to completely finish it but our original intention was to move in before it was finished and gradually pay to finish it up.

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