Garden stuff

This year we were proactive about our gardening. We started our plants in March-ish and planted our first set by the end of March and the next by the end of April. We still have 4 more raised beds to put in (probably this week), but for now we have carrots, beets, lettuce, kale, spinach, Brussel sprouts, watermelon, spaghetti squash, corn, popcorn, summer squash, zucchini, two kind of beans, four types of tomatoes, and two kind of cucumbers growing in the raised beds. Hopefully we can start to harvest some of them in the next few weeks. The blackberries are also blooming, meaning we should have a TON of blackberries in about a month/ month and a half. Very exciting stuff!!!


Trying to finish.

We are SO CLOSE to finishing this house. We currently have enough to finish the roof, put up the exterior wall, and install the electrical. We figured out that another $40,000 should finish the house. We have been to several banks and nobody will give us money. They will lend us money once the house is finished but that doesn’t help us at all. Contractor loans only work if you use the banks’ contractors. This is so frustrating. We have good credit, the ability to pay the loan, but can’t get anything over $30,000. This is incredibly frustrating. I guess what we could do is take the $30,000 loan to get the house livable and then slowly finish it like we intended to. It’s a larger financial strain but it’s doable. That’s really the worst case scenario. In order to move in we have to install the windows and doors, put in insulation, finish the plumbing (including the greenhouse), put up drywall, finish the downstairs bathroom, and buy appliances. After that it’s finishing the floors, painting, and finishing the upstairs bathroom. Ugh this is so stressful. Here is a picture of the current status of the house to cheer us all up:

The rain strikes again

We were supposed to finish the roof trusses last weekend but…. it rained all weekend. Unfortunately we won’t try and put up trusses on ladders 18 feet off the ground. Nope. Not gonna happen. Instead we went out Sunday and put up the last bit of outer wall by the greenhouse. This will hold the last of the 32 foot trusses and will be part of the outside walkway that will lead to the back patio. This weekend the plan is to finish the trusses!! also we had some visitors make their mark on the trusses. We apparently have a whole family of raccoons

Paperwork day

We are trying to finish the trusses this weekend but that may not happen. Mostly because we did not work on the house today. Instead we did all the necessary paperwork stuff in order to continue working. First thing this morning we had a meeting with a friend of ours from the bank to try and get a loan to finish the house. We can do it without a loan but we may not be able to move in this year if we wait. The problem is that we don’t qualify for a construction loan because we aren’t using contractors and a personal loan would need collateral that we don’t really have. Hopefully we can get it worked out!!

After our meeting with the bank we headed over to the place we got our trusses to order the metal sheeting for the roof. This is my highlight of the day. We settled on a color and worked out how much sheeting we needed so in about a week we should have our metal roof delivered!!! Let’s pray our roofer gets back to us to put it on this month too!!

This house really is coming together nicely! I can’t wait to see what it looks like this time next month!!!