Paperwork day

We are trying to finish the trusses this weekend but that may not happen. Mostly because we did not work on the house today. Instead we did all the necessary paperwork stuff in order to continue working. First thing this morning we had a meeting with a friend of ours from the bank to try and get a loan to finish the house. We can do it without a loan but we may not be able to move in this year if we wait. The problem is that we don’t qualify for a construction loan because we aren’t using contractors and a personal loan would need collateral that we don’t really have. Hopefully we can get it worked out!!

After our meeting with the bank we headed over to the place we got our trusses to order the metal sheeting for the roof. This is my highlight of the day. We settled on a color and worked out how much sheeting we needed so in about a week we should have our metal roof delivered!!! Let’s pray our roofer gets back to us to put it on this month too!!

This house really is coming together nicely! I can’t wait to see what it looks like this time next month!!!

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