Trying to finish.

We are SO CLOSE to finishing this house. We currently have enough to finish the roof, put up the exterior wall, and install the electrical. We figured out that another $40,000 should finish the house. We have been to several banks and nobody will give us money. They will lend us money once the house is finished but that doesn’t help us at all. Contractor loans only work if you use the banks’ contractors. This is so frustrating. We have good credit, the ability to pay the loan, but can’t get anything over $30,000. This is incredibly frustrating. I guess what we could do is take the $30,000 loan to get the house livable and then slowly finish it like we intended to. It’s a larger financial strain but it’s doable. That’s really the worst case scenario. In order to move in we have to install the windows and doors, put in insulation, finish the plumbing (including the greenhouse), put up drywall, finish the downstairs bathroom, and buy appliances. After that it’s finishing the floors, painting, and finishing the upstairs bathroom. Ugh this is so stressful. Here is a picture of the current status of the house to cheer us all up:

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3 thoughts on “Trying to finish.

  1. The house is looking great! I love the spot and it’s so green around it now! I feel your frustration as I’m also trying to build a house. The permits and requirements as well as financial aspect is daunting. But in the end it will all be worth it right?! Best of luck as you move forward with things!

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