A very productive weekend.

This weekend we are bound and determined to finish putting our part of the roof up so we can FINALLY have the roof installed. In two days we have prepped for the installation of two of the four skylights, finished the roof on the closet side of the house and almost finished the last of the upstairs trusses. We also started installing the gutter boards. Today we tackle finishing it all up and possibly starting on the battery house. Next weekend we are tackling trying to finish the battery house and framing out the windows upstairs so we can put up the plywood and finally have the house almost completely enclosed.

this skylight still needs a strip of plywood to the left but that’s an easy fix that we can do during the week right before the roofer comes out. we still need to take down the wall in the middle there, but it’s basically done. This is next to our closet and will be the pantry ceiling.

we placed all of the little trusses we could, until we ran out of room. Now we need to figure out how to put the rest up (this side of the roof is 18 feet off the ground, yikes!!)the skylight plywood before we cut the holes. The next two we are building and then putting up. The shower of sawdust was not pleasant.

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