Too much sun

This weekend was very hot. On Sunday we were able to finish putting up the framing for the last two skylights and put up some gutter boards. We also made the decision to pay the roof guys to finish putting up the gutter boards. we also took down the wall that was the closet wall that now just extends the pantry up to the roof finally we spent some time contemplating how to get the final trusses up. They are 18 feet in the air. This is a daunting task that we are not yet ready to tackle. Although we must in order to be able to tell the roof guys they can come out.

We also got a bit too much sun. It was very hot. Some of the lovely things that happened while it was very hot out:

These words were said by me “C! The scrap piece of wood left over is exactly the same size I needed for the next piece. Wait, that’s the piece I just measured”

To make 2 boxes I cut 3 pieces of one length and 5 pieces of the other… that’s not how boxes work.

We both ran into stray beams not once, not twice, but multiple times. I have a nice shiner and C has a busted lip.

C dropped a drill bit side down onto my leg when it slipped out of our hands as he was handing it to me off a 10 foot ladder. That one gave me a nice bruise.

Needless to say I do believe it’s about that time of year where work needs to happen either before 1 or after 5.

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