We did it!!

This post is a little late but … our part of the roof is ON!!! I’m a bit excited about this! The best option for the last bit of trusses was to build 10’foot tall scaffolding. It took three and a half hours to build the scaffolding and 45 minutes to put up the trusses. Go figure!! We will hopefully have the roof finished in the next two weeks, as well as getting the battery house up and the walls finished and plywood put up and covered! At that point it’s just putting in the doors and windows and finishing the greenhouse and we will have a completely enclosed house!!! This is very exciting! We are also quickly running low on funds. After much deliberation I think we have decided that the best option would be to take out as large of a personal loan as we can get (hopefully $20,000), get the house to the point where we can move in, and slowly finish the rest of the house over the next year or so until we can qualify for a mortgage, then get a small mortgage to pay off the remainder of the loan plus the remainder of the land payment. Hopefully all this works out. In he meantime… happy picture of a house with a framed roof!!

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