The wall

Last weekend we built a retaining wall around the remaining bit of exposed tires. In 90+ degree heat we built a wall, and honestly felt like we were going to die. We had such great plans for how much of the wall we were going to have built. It was supposed to be 7 feet tall and 30 feet long. We rented a backhoe to backfill in the dirt as we went. We finished about 2/3 of the wall and didn’t get nearly the amount of backfill done that we were hoping for. The wall is supposed to reach the top of the tires, however it was enough to feel that everything was properly stabilized though so we are good to continue. We decided that sometime after we move and it is much cooler outside we will rent another backhoe and finish out the wall. It’s looking really nice though! We originally had ordered the red and grey brick, which Lowe’s had assured us they had enough of, only to be called the day of because their inventory was wrong and they didn’t have enough. We already had the backhoe so we decided to get half of that color and half of the brown and Grey. I think it looks pretty good!

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