Batteries are charging!!

Over the weekend C and I moved all the batteries into the battery house (which took a lot of effort because they are very very heavy and were located behind the battery house), and C got them all connected and hooked to the solar panels. The solar panels go to a PV disconnect, then from there to a midnight classic 150 charge controller, then from that to busbars, then to another disconnect, then to the batteries. In 2 partially cloudy days we have been able to fully charge the batteries, which is pretty exciting. We have 40 of our 60 batteries connected, and will hook up the rest as soon as we order more connectors. We opted for data safe 12hx400s because we were gifted them and they should work nicely for a while. We are hoping to have the house connected in the next few days. It will be nice to have power to the house, and truthfully this is a step we never thought we would see!!

this picture was take. At 5:30pm while it was very cloudy, and we were still making 276 watts plus we have 40 fully charged batteries ready to go. I think this could work!

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