Let the freak out happen…

Guys. Guys. This is not a joke. This is the real deal. We have a roof!!!

It’s not finished yet, we are short a few pieces of metal that we are picking up tomorrow morning, and the roof should be complete after tomorrow. It. Is. Amazing. Amazing. Beyond what we could have every expected.

These guys that are doing our roof are phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. Also the house isn’t even enclosed fully yet but the temperature in the house has dropped at least 15 degrees. It was comfortable inside and HOT outside.

We are hiring them to finish framing the outer walls of the house, which hopefully will be finished next week. At that point we install the windows and doors and it’s completely and totally enclosed.

C is working. On installing the electric next week while I am finishing the greenhouse and the concrete on the tires. After that we install the water, have the septic finished, get the propane guys out, spray the insulation, have the drywall done, order the appliances, and we should be ready to move in. This is insane. INSANE. We will still have so much more to do once we move but we will be MOVED!! We will be living in our own house!! I’m so overwhelmed right now I can barely breath.

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