Prepping for a pooper… and being a woman

We are FINALLY having our septic installed. We were able to get the lagoon decreased in size, thanks to the grey water system, and they will be marking where it is going, getting it inspected, and putting it in sometime in the next few weeks. The problem? We have to bush hog the area where it is going before they can even mark it. We don’t have a mower. We have been looking at mowers but aren’t ready to make the commitment of $200 a month for the next 3 years so we can have the mower we need for our property. Instead we bought a heavy duty Stihl brush cutter. A heavy duty handlebar brush mower. This sucker comes with a harness. It’s heavy duty. We even bought the saw blade for it because the regular weed eater type blade isn’t heavy duty enough for our lawn.

C goes to order this crazy thing from a tractor dealer. He tells him what he wants and that he needs it to be able to start easily because his wife will be using it (I have a lot of trouble starting our chainsaw but not our generator so pull chords can be hit or miss with me). The guy looks straight at him and says “you are letting your wife use this?!?! This is a heavy duty piece of equipment for a woman to be using”. To which C replies “first off I don’t ‘let’ my wife do anything. If she really wants to do something there isn’t much that can stop her. Secondly women can do a lot more than people give them credit for”. Kinda made me feel really proud.

Also, I used the brush cutter today. I used it as much as C did, and it’s really not that cumbersome, and it starts much easier than the chainsaw. I feel bad ass right now. And I’m very sore.

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