Water system install

Last weekend we installed the large part of our water system, and also did some backfilling. The tires are now almost completely covered, the second floor is the same height as the hill as well. We bought a 2000 gallon water tank, dug a hole, put it in the hole, added pipes, and covered it up again (mostly). Friday we spent purchasing and transporting the cistern. It was as big as the truck!! Then Saturday C spent most of the day backfilling and moving dirt. Sunday we moved the cistern into the hole he made (which was quite entertaining and resulted in me falling and cutting my leg up on a rock) and added the pipe that will be used to pump water into the house. We also added the pipe that will catch the water from the gutters that will fill the cistern. The he gently backfilled in the cistern being careful not to break the pipe (which surprisingly we did not!). The next day it rained and we actually got some water in the cistern. It won’t be long until the house will have water!! It’s a bit exciting.

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