It’s enclosed! (well almost)

This weekend we finished the spray foam and installed the rest of the windows and doors!!

Friday we took the day off (because we had to be somewhere at 2 and didn’t want to get dirty and sweaty), so we went fishing. It’s our “thing to do to relax”. It was the best day for it too. We caught almost ten fish, some of them a fairly nice size too. We let all of them go except one larger sunfish. I ate that one on Saturday while the rest of the family had meatloaf (meat allergy means I get to eat fish more!

Saturday I finished the spray foam while C fixed one of the walls and worked on more of the electric. We ran out of spray foam with three small strips of roof left to go. Not too bad and we can finish next week.

Sunday we put four windows in and the large, extremely large, gigantic patio door. We first tackled the door. It was so large and so heavy. It took us about an hour and a half and a LOT of cursing to get it in. Not only is it in but the door actually opens and closes!! (it didn’t at first). The windows went to much easier!! I’m glad we started with the door.

All we have left is the front door. We haven’t laid the concrete yet. We framed it out before we left but I was too tired to start carrying 80lb bags of concrete down a hill! Tomorrow I will go out and lay the concrete. Then we can install the door on Tuesday. By the middle of the week we should have an enclosed house!

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