Lots more work

We did so much this weekend!!!

First off, with the help of my cousin B and her wife K, we completed the drywall in half of the upstairs. We need to finish installing the outer walls and the ceiling in the bathroom and bedroom. It looks amazing! If we can get it drywalled, mudded, and primed we can start moving some smaller boxes. Yay!!!

That was Saturday. Then on Sunday we attacked the 25 foot wall, getting drywall and insulation up. We also hopefully fixed the flooding problem by installing the rest of the water system (we are missing an essential connector but at least we have a shut off valve between the (now full) water cistern and the house), and also backfilling more dirt around problem areas, adding drainage away from the house in those areas, and adding plastic on to of that. I failed to get pictures of the backfilling progress, but here is a great picture of the water setup. The connector we are missing connects into the pump and will join the pump to the filters.

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