Learning to prioritize

We have been working really hard to get moved in that I have been too exhausted to write about it. Sorry about such a long delay! There is much to catch you up on.

First off… we officially have a kitchen sink with running water!

We also finished putting up the drywall in the living room and kitchen. As the person with the least fear of heights I tackled that job. It was not pleasant. Now to mud, sand, remud, and paint it I’m not looking forward to this next stage. BTW: I did not use the orange ladder which (if I had) is positioned in a completely incorrect and dangerous way to use. We put it here to move it out of the way. The silver ladder below is what we used. I am in no way looking forward to getting back up there… 16 feet in the air.

Finally we not only have an address, but we also have a mailbox! We have been waiting almost 4 years for this. Now for the daunting task of changing our address everywhere… we did take care of some of the important ones already, which is super cool!

P.s. I think we have the nicest mailbox around, oh well, we love it!

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One thought on “Learning to prioritize

  1. Don’t get on that Harry Homeowners folding ladder ever again. Use it for reinforcement in your next concrete pour!
    Get a decent aluminum or fiberglass 12 – 14 foot extension ladder that can be locked.
    That “make do” folding ladder is a dangerous POS when you are working.

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