Things are growing!

As of today two more beds are ready for planting! They look beautiful. Tomorrow I will plant another bed of carrots, lettuce, spinach, and beets. I will also plant another bed of my Brassicas. The last bed didn’t fair the cold snap well so I will also be replacing a few of those as well. The best part is that my first bed has finally started sprouting!!! This is what they look like as of this afternoon. Once they grow a bit bigger I will start thinning them out.

These are the beds I just prepared. I’ll post pictures after I get them planted tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Things are growing!

  1. Its early! Are you covering these @ night? There’s a frost or 2 just lurking out there! Don’t let ’em getcha!

    • We have covers for these for when it gets down below 32, but we have also only planted the cold weather crops that are supposed to be planted 4 weeks before the last frost (which is May 4). The first set I planted we lost some because I didn’t harden them off before we planted them, and forgot to cover them one night.

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