I love spring

Now that we are living at the farm it’s so much easier to keep up on the garden. I’ve been checking on it everyday. Weeding, watering when needed, fertilizing once a week. I am quite proud of it. At the moment we have onions and beets growing in the second direct sow plot. Everything is growing in the first direct sow plot, and then brassicas look amazing! The Brussel sprouts should start budding soon. we also planted potatoes last weekend but they haven’t started coming up yet. Today we sat down and planned out the next two weeks. I placed a $40 baker creek order in preparation for the summer direct sow, which will start in the next few weeks.

I also bought a calendar just for the garden. This is the most involved I have been with the farm probably ever. I also have started prepping for both the farmers market and the start of the CSA. We hope to have 10 weekly $10 boxes starting in late May. The first boxes will probably consist of lettuce, some carrots, spinach, radishes, and bread. I’m very excited, if you can’t tell!

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