A very productive weekend.

We have so much preparation for the coming summer. Friday C bought the last of the bee supplies we need for the colonies we have coming in over the next few weeks. We spent most of last night putting them together.

Today we picked up two scoops (which filled the back of the truck) of soil and compost to finish filling our last three already built garden plots. We even had enough left over to fill in the asparagus bed we put in three years ago and forgot about. We cleaned it up, added more soil, and planed the empty half in artichokes. One of the regular beds I direct sowed more carrots and beets and planted our basil and oregano. I will also add radishes once those seeds come in. The last two beds will be planted in zucchini and several types of squash over the coming weeks. Eventually they will have corn and most of our beans and cucumbers. We still need to add 8 more beds over the next few weeks as well, but that’s mostly for summer plants C also spent the day cutting down much of the brush around the house and garden. We then celebrated our hard work by taking the kids fishing, and playing with the puppies.

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