Lots of farm progress

We are a bit behind on working on the house, but we have done a lot with the farm! In terms of the house we are cleaning up a section of the bottom driveway so we can have the whole driveway leveled and the giant hole right outside the front door finally filled in. Until that happens we have been diligently working on the farm!

The Brassicas are thriving! I still have about 2 months until I can harvest though. I think next year I’m going to start the seedlings in late January. That way I can have some ready to harvest by the start of the market, which is mid May. It was smart to plant the garlic and onions around them because we have had little to no insect interference. We have also had some of our asperagus plants come up. That was a bit of a surprise since we really haven’t taken care of them in there years, aside from cleaning out the bed once last year.

I also had quite the shock the other day. I was weeding the garden and making a general well check of the day when I almost stepped on this guy

That is a garter snake eating a toad. It was actually pretty cool to see, and I was so happy to finally get confirmation that we had safe snakes around (great pest control and all). I was a little sad for the toad and wished it had been eating a mouse, but oh well. What can you do.

C also purchased another package of bees to replace the one we lost. He has been doing a ton of research lately and has really stepped up on his bee caretaking, much as I have with the garden. It’s easier to take care of things when we live here and don’t have to set aside large chunks of time. We checked them yesterday and the queen is doing very well. In the next week and a half we should start having tons more bees hatching. There is so much more to share but I’ll save some for tomorrow. But for now I will leave you with BEES!!

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